Thermography is a valuable tool, supplying instant visual access to the Horses physiological welfare

This non-invasive, safe medical-grade evaluation and diagnostic tool is now easily accessible through EQUINE-HOTSPOT Thermography and Therapy.

 My passion lies in getting answers for owners and their equine athletes,  maximising the ability to release the restrictions that are creating poor performance and expensive rest and rehabilitation. 

  The powerful, Scenar frequency healing therapy creates instant changes in a horses ability to perform and over the years I have witnessed many horses deemed ready for the retirement paddock, or lengthy rehabs, efficiently back out and performing at a high level.

Preventative maintenance is the ideal goal, Thermography can see issues up to a month before any lameness is seen, a quick scan can show saddle issues or restrictions that will create performance-limiting problems. 

The option to Hire the home therapy device and efficiently continue the treatment is a valuable bonus, a Thermographic body map makes this hire option focused and efficient.  

 Certified for Human and Equine this powerful therapy, diagnostics and evaluation is now available as a package.

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Discover what's hurting your horse!

The hot hoof and the blue cold hoof and the lower leg, Show inflammation that no-one realised was there.
Needed rebalancing by Farrier and had a seedy toe fungal infection that had to be treated.
It looks bad but was a simple fix before it became a problem due to being found.






Achieve your goals in 4 steps

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Make a complete assessment
with your trainer


Define and target
your goals


Your sports coach offers
a personalized program


Your trainer will accompany you
throughout your program


My horse was angular, looking underweight and lanky,
and in just one session she's ready for a show!
Emma S.
Equine Rider

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